Saturday, December 10, 2016

exploring too much mileage

7.6km on day 25.

I planned, and still plan, on running less mileage this week, even if I find a way to continue running daily. 7.6km for tonight was a mistake.

After running acorss Kishon, I was going to run up Hayarqon and then run back home, to get about 6.5km. At the new traffic circle I needed a pit stop so I turned off on the road down to the valley. I thought the road goes all the way through to tzeelim, as there is also a road on the other side. It turned int a bit of an exploration, as the road does not go through, at least I couldn't find it in the dark on the dirt paths the road turned into. So at some point I decided to retrace my steps and go back. Running up and back then gave me far more than I had originally planned.

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