Sunday, December 11, 2016

exploring 7

Day 25, 7km

I was determined to keep today's run shorter... and I did by a bit.

After last night's expedition into a construction road, I decided today I would run the road from the other side and see why the two paths don't meet up, or how far and difficult it is from one to the other. I figured morning daylight would be better for that than the dark of night.

After running across Kishon, I ran down Tzeelim. The entrance to the construction road is at a turn off from the large traffic circle at the junction with Nahal Chever. I ran up the path - from there it is an uphill run - to the top. The paved road comes to an end just under Nahal Kishon just past the caravan that functions as a sales office for a housing project. From this path one can see the intricate web of paths to the various construction projects happening down there. At the point where the path ends, one can see the end of the other path from last night very close by. But it is much lower down and they do not connect. I could have gone down a steep mount of dirt and rubble and continued on the other path, but I chose to run back down the way I came instead. There was no way to see this path in the dark last night from down below. I am not sure if it is visible even in the light, because of the angles, but definitely not in the dark...

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