Thursday, December 8, 2016

in the books

8.1km on day 23..

Today was not a great run. Not physically - that was fine. I think it was mental. I just wasn't into the run. wasn't feeling it. I didnt have to force myself outside, but I just wasn't enjoying it while doing it, and wanted to get back home.

I had planned on running 7km, but as I was nearing my turnaround point I decided to keep going a bit to extend it, to sort of give myself the illusion of self-control - even though mentally I wanted it to be over I wanted to show myself that I am in control and would not give in to that. It isn't like the extra 6 or 7 minutes I had to run because of it was so significant, but it is the illusion of control.

Anyways, it is in the books, and that is better than there not being a run in the books..

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