Thursday, September 1, 2016

back in Israel with a new record..

Having arrived back in Israel from the USA yesterday, I was conflicted as to whether I should run a long or a short run this morning. I suspected I would not wake up early enough anyway, but if I would, should I keep it short as my body might be tired form the travel, or should I go for long as I have not yet run long this week due to the travel schedule?

I woke up early enough, so that was not a problem.

After a momentary glitch with some pain in a foot that almost made me bail on the run at the very beginning, I persevered and continued running. The pain went away a just several moments later. I felt really strong and decided I would try to go for a long run.

Everything felt great until the last 2 or so kilometers when I felt worn out. I finished with 14+km, a new high since my return to running, and according to my GPS watch my speed was also just slightly faster than it has been until now.

It felt great to be able to come back and run like that right away, especially with the addition of hills here that don't exist in Chicago. Maybe the "high" of being back home gave me that extra boost...

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