Monday, September 26, 2016

running hard

Today was an awesome run. I wanted to run in the range of about 10km, so I went out on a standard 10km course - out 5km on the 375 to Tzomet Etziyona and back.

This course has uphill and downward trends in both directions, so it is pretty even.

I wanted to push myself more on this run and I ran with a lot of energy. I ran several intervals through the course where I ran at what I think is my maximum speed.

I finished the course strong and concluded 10km at 1 hour of running time. My watch said the pace was an average of 6:05 per kilometer. I am not sure how that works exactly, as 10km in 60 minutes should be an average pace of 6. so either the watch is doing its calculations wrong or a few seconds off (it was 60 minutes and a few seconds) makes that much of a difference.

if I can do this a few more times, I should start seeing some significant improvement in my average speed.

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