Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday night recovery

I did not get to write here much last week, so I apologize for that. I ran a lot, sort of, but it was poorly scheduled.

I ran Saturday night, and then not again until Wednesday. Then I ran Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So I got 4 runs in, which is a lot for me right now, but they were poorly scheduled. 3 consecutive runs means my legs were tired and none of them were too great.

On Wednesday I ran 12+km while feeling great with an awesome run, on Thursday I ran 8km recovery - very slow, then on Friday I ran 12km again - having hoped for anywhere between 12 and 16km.

I really have to work on better scheduling, so each run can be a better run on stronger legs.

Tonight, Saturday night, I ran 8km recovery. I am actually happy with the distance. I was going to run 7km, then while on the run I was going to bail after 3km as I was struggling and having a hard time breathing. I stopped for a pit stop and then felt better. I figured I would do a full circuit of RBS and then stop, but by then I was feeling good, so I finished my circuit and then did another 3 with some additional extension to complete the 8km.

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