Saturday, September 3, 2016

First lousy run

on Friday I had a great run, after Thursday's 14km long run. I did not know how long of a run I would be able to sustain on Friday, so I went out with an open mind, and was hoping for anywhere between 6km and 9km.

I ended up running about 7.5km and felt very good the entire way, so I considered that a good run.

Tonight however was one of those runs that was just lousy. I went out thinking it would be a good run, after a day and a half of rest from Thursday and Friday's runs. I went out and my legs felt like they were filled with lead. I just could not move.

I had been planning on running the entire Kishon and back, which starts with a flat 3km, and then a circuit around RBS, totaling about 7.5km.

Seeing how it was going, I decided to bail much sooner. I was going to run just the first 3km and call it a night, but in the end decided to do a circuit of RBS instead, making my run a total of about 4.5km. I figured even a lousy run is better than nothing, and at least I was sweating out a few calories. We can even call this a recovery run, if necessary.

I must say though that this was really my first lousy run since my return to running. Sometimes it happens. You just have to push through and put it behind you.

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