Sunday, August 28, 2016

winding down in Chicago

Today's run might have been my last in Chicago. I am not sure I'll get one in tomorrow. Today I ran 6.5km through the neighborhood. I didn't have a route in mind, just went exploring. I wanted to run through one of the old parks we used to play in. It used to have a little zoo and a duck pond, though I had heard a few years ago that they got rid of the little zoo.

Indian Boundary Park seemed much smaller than I remembered it, but they say the size is the same. Anyways, had a nice run. Good weather, though a bit humid.

I would have thought running flat would have improved my speed, but, alas, it did not. This might just be my new speed.

It has been fun, and I am happy I was able to run a bit and temper the amount of food I have been eating with burning some calories by running. Maybe I'll get one last run in tomorrow, maybe not. There is a forest preserve trail I would like to run on if I get the chance.

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