Tuesday, August 23, 2016

running in Chicago

I am in Chicago now and for the first time am running abroad. I started my running "career" in Israel and this is the first time I've been abroad since then.

Yesterday I ran a short 6km run through the residential neighborhood in which I am staying. It was interesting to see my old neighborhood this way.

Today I ran 13km through a beautiful bike trail that is adjacent to the North Channel of the Chicago River. It goes through a large business district but the trail is through a beautiful park-type area. I ran through the neighborhood from Howard down to Devon. At Devon I ran across to McCormick and took the trail up north all the way to Dempster. At Dempster I turned into Evanston crossing the river and down through Harbert Park to Main, crossed back to McCormick and ran the trail back down south to Touhy and then through the neighborhood up to the house.

Beautiful run through the grassy areas. There were geese and squirrels, lots of bikers, some walkers and a few other runners.

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