Wednesday, May 17, 2017

feeling great

Tuesday was not supposed to be a running day. By the end of the afternoon I even had some time for a run and successfully resisted the temptation. But sometimes it just feels like this is the air I breathe. It makes me feel better, even if nothing is wrong.

By evening I was not feeling great. Probably a little bit of dehydration and exhaustion, but also I hardly ate anything today, so I was running low on all counts. But I know running makes me feel better. And sometimes, like today, and in general right now, I just know that going out for a run, sweating a bit, getting some nice fresh air, will just make everything better.

And it did. I went out for a late run, at about 10pm, and it was great. I even got a bit farther distance than my recent mid-week runs, clocking 9.16km at a decent pace. It just felt great. The air was nice, cool, and crisp. And by the end I just felt great.

Actually when I went out I thought I would just get some fresh air and run 3-4km. I figured my legs would not be up for more than that, and they would feel lethargic. But they didn't. Everything felt great.

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