Friday, May 26, 2017

19km in Chicago

I surprised myself and got 4 runs in this week, despite it being a travel week. I almost got 5, but had too large a dinner on Thursday evening to be able to go out after that.

This morning I went out and ran up Dodge to Dempster, and then across to McCormick. I ran down the Chicago River Trail to Lincoln, and then to Peterson. Across to Clark (via Damen and Granville) and back up to Howard and across to the house. Total of about 19km. Runkeeper on my phone paused in the middle for a while, so this is just an estimate.

My pace (until Runkeeper paused) was below 6, significantly fast than my average. I assume the basically flat terrain had something to do with that, as I did not put any effort into running unusually fast.

The weather was beautiful, after a cold, windy and rainy week.

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