Friday, November 28, 2008

20km in wet weather

Today's run was back to Dir Rafat. We are cutting down the mileage somewhat, and we were meant to be running 24km today...

The problem is the Dir Rafat run is only something like 18km, so we added a couple of loops around Narkis, to jack up the mileage.

I started off the Narkis loops, and then ran out to the 38 through Victory. Up to Dir Rafat and back. It was a pretty good run, despite all the uphill sections...

I ended up only getting 20km. Not sure why. Maybe I needed to also add another 2 Narkiss loops at the end. I did not do it, because I needed to rush back to go to shul for shacharis.

20km at an average pace of 5:43/km, which is pretty good for me, considering a large percentage of the run was uphill.

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