Saturday, November 8, 2008

runnng to recover

Tonight was the Recovery Run from Friday's Long Run. The Recovery Run is generally a short run, run at a slower pace. It is meant to help the muscles and blood cells recover, as it facilitates blood flow and blah blah blah.

I ran the recovery run of 9km at an average pace of 6:55/km.

I always tend to run local RBS runs slower than the bigger runs. I think because it is local, and because I am not running to somewhere - just running.

I ran the perimeter run of RBS, but in the opposite direction I usually run. Also I added, instead of Tzeelim down to the 38 and back, a run down to the 10 and then across to the 375 and back. That made my full run an exact 9km.

I always find these recovery runs to be a difficult concept. I would think to recover from a long run, you should sit back in a La-Z-Boy with a nice cold drink. A few good hours of that would be really good. To consider the idea that in order to recover you should get out and run some more, is mind boggling. Though I did grow up believing that an injury in sports is best healed when continuing to play, such as playing football with a twisted ankle, and the like, but that was really just a macho kind of thing. To learn that there is really something to it, is strange...

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