Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's the little things

I did not have a chance to do my recovery run last night, due to some scheduling issues, so I just did it now.

10km at an average pace of 6:19/km.

It was a good run. I feel that I am getting stronger (even though the last few runs have been at slower paces than previously). I notice that I am paying attention more now to the little things that make the runs better - stance, posture, step, breathing, etc. All the little things I was not paying attention to before - I was just running and building myself up, now I am paying more attention to the little things, and I feel like my runs are getting stronger.

Also, tonight was the first time I ran with my new orthotics. I did not even notice them until near the end of the run. I am not sure I can use them yet in a long run though. Of course, according to the podiatrist I should not even be using them in short runs until next week...

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