Friday, November 21, 2008

Broke 30km!

Today's run was tough, and I knew it would be in advance. It was another Rehovot run, and I scheduled to do 31-32km.
I had a rough week with my knees - a lot of soreness, so I decided that I would run it slower than normal. Even the 8km from President's Forest to Tzomet Nachshon (not including the hill up to Harel) where you can effortlessly fly without realizing, I would take it slow. I did not want to strain or pull anything, and I needed the reserves for the late kilometers...

So I started my run from the Paz gas station at the entrance to Bet Shemesh. I ran to Tzomet Shimshon. The whole way there my fuel belt kept slipping, and I decided I would not wear it next time. I have no hips or tush anymore to hold it up. At Tzomet Shimshon I adjusted everything a bit and it got better. I had it over my shirt and it was slipping, but when I put it under my shirt it seemed to stay in place.

I was in a good rhythm, and ran the whole way without stopping. I overran Weizzman Institute, because I hit it at only a bit over 30km, and I wanted to hit at least 31, if not 32. I overran it and ran back, and in the end hit 31.1.

It was agood run, and I broke through the 30km barrier. I felt wiped out in the Tzomet Bilu area, but the Herzl Street 4km stretch in Rehovot to Weizzman was better than in previous runs. I ran most of it this time in the street, and maybe that was the difference...

I was sore after the run, but not too bad. It felt good hitting 31km.

Numbers for this run were 31.1km at an average pace of 5:54/km.

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