Friday, November 14, 2008

The run I should not have run

The past few days I had caught a touch of some stomach bug. It gave me "the runs", and I even had to skip the Wednesday Medium-Long run because of it. I thought it had pretty much passed, so I decided to do the 25km run today, despite my having considered skipping it.

Bad idea.

I never got into a good rhythm, and I felt it.

The run was a repeat of one we did a couple weeks ago. 25km from the top of Aviv to Road 10, to Road 375, to Tzomet Ha'Ela, to Bet Shemesh Darom, and back to Aviv.

The last time we did it, we had an 8km speed tempo in the middle. This time we had two 5km speed runs (not tempos, but more slightly faster than marathon pace runs) in the middle.

I ran ok until the 375, though not with any good rhythm. The stretch with the speed run was pretty good. I got into a decent rhythm and ran it at a good speed. Until the end. I then needed to take my first bathroom break.

After that, the next section is "murder hill" passing Zechariya on the 38. I took it slow, and then got a cramp in the middle and started to feel it in my knees. On the way down after the climb, my knees felt better, but I needed another bathroom break.

I ran the rest of the way ok, but without any good rhythm, needing one more bathroom break not far from Bet Shemesh Darom.

I stopped at 23km, as it was very uphill in Bet Shemesh and my knees were starting to feel it again.

I should have just stayed home. Though my numbers were not really so bad. I ran 23km at an average pace of 5:48/km.

But I should have just stayed home.

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