Monday, November 10, 2008

Cruise Intervals

Tonight we ran a workout called "Cruise Interval Workout".

The cruise interval workout is, after a 2km warm-up run, we run 2km laps at about 10 seconds faster than [expected] marathon pace, with 4 minute recovery runs in between each of the 2km laps.

The goal is to get the body into its pace and rhythm for the marathon. Gotta find the right speed.

I don't know what my expected marathon pace is going to be. Right now I am basing it on my last run, but there is still a long way to go (less than two months!), and by then I should be running faster than I am now. My Friday 28km was at 5:35/km, so that is what I used for setting my speed for tonight.

After the 2km warm-up run, I ran my 2km laps at average paces of 4:50, 5:10, 5:30 and 5:35 consecutively, with 4 minute recovery runs in between each.

It was a good run. The schedule is changing a bit. Our mid-week medium long runs are getting longer now, and our Friday long runs are getting shorter... Wednesday we have 18km scheduled and Friday we have only 24km scheduled...


Victor said...

Good job.
BTW - What are your plans for running tomorrow?

Rafi G said...

dont know. Either I will run tonight or tomorrow morning very early (like 4:00 am or so). I think tomorrow is supposed to rain, so a night run might be difficult...

It is hard to find a good 18km run around bet shemesh, because the highways are dark at night. maybe I will run around rbs a few times.... dont know. if you have suggestions, let me know.
maybe 9km out on road 10 and back....