Saturday, September 23, 2017

post rosh hashana recovery

The post Rosh Hashana week started with a 14km recovery run.

It felt great to get out there after 3 days of no exercise, but it was difficult after 3 days of no exercise along with 3 days of overeating.

The first few km were tough, but I got into a rhythm and then just felt great. I took it slow, and the 14km was mostly a breeze.

The weather was great. Really pleasant, for probably the first time at night that I can remember in a long time. Not humid at all and the temperature was good. Lots of runners and walkers out. Really nice night to be out running...


Tzvi said...

wasnt it supposed to be 18km?

Rafi G. said...

no sir. I just looked at the schedule again to confirm. 14km. 18km was Wednesday morning