Friday, September 15, 2017


Today's run was a 25km run along the winding and hilly Highway 353, and then back to Tzomet Srigim via the 38 from Bet Guvrin.

I set out the water at the water stops for the run, so I knew exactly where it was. I started about 15 minutes earlier than the group and had a great run. I ran the first half at a good speed, but the hills and the humidity got to me.

At the 12km mark, we had to cross a barrier of construction dirt to get to the path leading down to the gas station on Highway 35 near Bet Guvrin to get back to the 38. It turned out most of the group decided to not go that way but instead turnedit into an "out and back" instead of a loop and just turned around at that point, unsure of whether the path was also affected by road works or if it was just blocked off.

Being that I was ahead of the group, I ran the path, and only one other guy had caught up with me at that point and he did as well.

When I got back the rest of the group had just finished their run and I discovered they had gone out and back instead of loop.

The humidity was really tough. I was thoroughly drenched. The runner who had caught up with me is a far better runner than I and he was really struggling. I just took it slow and steady and finished my run, but it was tough. I ended up finishing at my normal slow pace.

This concludes Week 2 of training with 66km. That is a big jump for me.

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