Saturday, September 2, 2017

I was so slow that...

catching up here...

Thursday I ran 8km in the morning. It was a good run. But I know I really need to work on running on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays, as good Thursday runs usually means the Friday long run will be a bit more difficult than it should be. This past week I could not run on Wednesday as I went early to Tel Aviv for work, but normally I should be able to.

Friday I ran 23km, as I had hoped to. It was a very difficult run, and if I would have been able to I would have bailed on the run at a few different points. I couldnt really bail, so I forced myself to keep going, and I am happy I did.

Saturday night was a very slow recovery run. I rab 7km, and it was a bit muggier than I expected. I knew it would be slow because my legs had felt sluggish all day long.

How slow was I running?
I was so slow that my phone announced the 30 minute mark far earlier than ever before.
I was so slow that walkers were passing me.

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