Wednesday, September 27, 2017

mid-week 28km

Because Friday is erev yom kippur we scheduled the week's long run for Wednesday, with Friday being a medium length run (I think), so today was meant to be a 28km run out to Tzomet HaEla and back.

Being that I would be starting in RBS, I ran 7km locally before heading out to the highway, and I knew I would still need about another 1.5km of extensions along the way. I went to sleep early and woke up earlier than planned, so at about 3:30am I headed out for my run.

Across Kishon twice had me at 7 already while heading up Hayarqon to leave the neighborhood. I ran out and all the way to Tzomet Haela. Parts of it are very dark and I stopped here and there to hug the shoulders when big trucks were heading my way. I also made a pit stop, and after that my run got better.

I dont know what happened but it seemed to me my Runkeeper app tracking the run did not do such a good job. A few times I checked my progress and things looked wrong - pace, timing, and even at some point it looked like it was not advancing my distance properly. I kept going and things seemed to work itself out, though I am not convinced my time and pace are correct, and I think I ran more than 28km, but I made sure to get the 28 on the clock.

At Tzomet Haela I decided to extend it a bit so I ran a few hundred meters on the 38 and back, and then headed back on the 375. After a few extensions on the 375 and in RBS, I finished my run at 28km. I think the pace it shows me is faster than I actually ran and I think it clocked less time than it actually took, and less distance, but I cannot be sure of it. I might map it out on google maps to check the distance, but I wont be able to confirm the time and pace. I care less about that though.