Monday, September 11, 2017

fast tempo

tonight's speed workout was a tempo run. Meaning a 1.5km warmup slow pace to start, a 1.5km slow cooldown to finish, and a tempo run in the middle.

A tempo run is a run the for 8km you run slightly faster than expected marathon pace.

Being that I don't know my marathon pace, I don't really know what to run, or what I can run. I do, however, know that if my marathon pace is going to be 6:30 I wont be running the marathon,so I figured I would try to run the tempo at slightly faster than 6.

Thankfully the entire run was downhill. Starting around Dolev in RBS, and then for the tempo out to the 10 and then on the 10 out to the Industrial Zone and then a cooldown for 1.5km back to where cars were parked to get us back to RBS.

I ran the tempo part at an average of 5:25mpkm which is amazing, but taken with a grain of salt because it is all downhill. I basically skipped most of the cooldown as I turned a bit early to finish the tempo by the cars to make sure I would not miss the rides home. I got in a small amount of cooldown. I ended up finishing 10km at a 5:33 pace