Sunday, March 6, 2011

Me and the Car Windshield

I have recently been totally off schedule with my running. Too many things getting in the way of the schedule, along with general laziness.. After a bunch of days of not running, I went out this afternoon for a run. I planned for an 11-12km run, but when I started running I decided I would just do the whole loop and make it 18km.

As soon as I started the run I said to myself - amazing, I was born to run. All of the sudden I just felt great. The lethargy was gone, the aches and pains suddenly disappeared, and I just felt great. Not to worry - that feeling went away pretty quickly.

After a couple kilometers I suddenly felt like there was something wrong with my gait. My left leg was feeling overused and heavy. I kept trying to adjust but after short buts, I would be right back there. I thought about changing back to my original plans and turning around at kilometer 5 or 6 and cut it back down to about 12km, but decided to keep going.

The weather was unusual. It is hot and dry, but the air is thick. I can normally run 18km without a water break, no problem, but today my throat was very dry and uncomfortable.

Overall the run was great, albeit it tough. I made it up all the hills, both Zechariya and Tzeelim, without stopping, and I finished the run completely drenched in sweat - both from the heat and from the difficulty of my run.

So what does the title refer to - me and the car windshield? Well, I now know what it must feel like to be a car windshield. I dont remember a run in my past where I had so many bugs flying into my face during the run. I had bugs in my mouth, bugs slapping into my nose, arms, cheeks and glasses. It was disgusting. i dont know why they were out in full force tonight and why I kept running into them, but I felt like a car windshiel

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