Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cold and Wet

Last night I went out for a short and easy-paced run. The past couple of weeks have been horrible for my running schedule. Bad weather, very tight schedule and guests from abroad kept me from running regularly.

Last night I got out. I ran 9km around RBS and out to the end of Road 10 and back. It was pretty cold when I began my run, but the running warmed me up after a few minutes. That was in RBS. When I got down to Road 10 it was much colder. It is only 1.5km in each direction, so I figured it couldn't be so bad on such a short section. Little did I know that my hands would freeze very quickly. It was that cold. I felt they would just crack off like icicles.

The fact that I run in Vibram FiveFingers did not help. We were post-rain, so the ground was cold and wet. The FiveFingers were completely soaked, so my feet and body were that much colder.

Anyway, I made it through a pretty good run of 9km..

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