Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holey Vibram FiveFinger Bikila

These are the larger of the holes in my Vibram FiveFinger Bikila shoes.

The first is not a big deal. Even though the hole is fairly large, it is placed in a place that doesnt affect my running - the toe doesn't pop out of it and get scraped.

The second, on the other hand, hurt a lot. You can see remnants of blood around the edge of the hole.. 2 days later my toe still hurts from the scrape it had.

These logged a lot of kilometers before needing to be replaced - my estimate, based on 1.5 marathon seasons (I was running in Vibram KSOs until about halfway through the first marathon season), is that these shoes logged probably in the range of 2000 or so kilometers. At least my new pair is coming next week!

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