Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pre-Jerusalem Marathon Musings

The anticipation of tomorrows Jerusalem Marathon is killing me. Both the wait to actually run it, and the question of how cold and rainy the weather will be.

A couple things I noticed on the marathon map that was included in the runners packet:

  1. They spelled Jaffa Gate wrong. They spelled it "Gaffa Gate". You'd think the City would spell such a significant landmark correctly.
  2. They marked off how many of each type of stop and where they will be throughout the marathon. Water, sponge, bathrooms, gel, food, etc. The symbol for the food stop is the normal symbol you see on highways, being a plate with a fork and knife. Makes me wonder if they will be serving us full sit-down meals at the four food stops, rather than just orange wedges and bananas..
  3. They are incredibly organized. In my short life as a runner participating in a number of running events of different magnitudes, I have not seen any other event as organized and thought out as this one. We'll see tomorrow if it works as efficiently as it looks like it should.

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