Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Post Marathon Recovery Run

This morning it was finally time to go out for a run, the first since the marathon. I really wanted to go out yesterday, but my schedule did not allow it. So a running buddy and I scheduled to run this morning, a short and easy paced run.

We went out, and it was getting very warm. We went out at an easy pace, on our regular route: out to Road 10, the 375 to Tzomet Aviezer and then back.

It felt great, and I had no pain. I ended the run at just over 10km.


David Eisen said...

R. Rafi - it was a pleasure running alongside Vic and you; can't wait for Teveria!

Rafi G. said...

tiveria? what about Tel Aviv?

David Eisen said...

Nah, I'll sit that one out. I hope to get in a proper training schedule for my next marathon, BE"H.