Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Great Saturday Night Run Despite The Warning Of Arabs

Due to a combination of weather, work and laziness it has been a few days since I last ran. I was really itching to get out and run a bit. So i went out tonight and decided I would run longer than I normally run a=on a Saturday night, and run a bit harder (Saturday night is generally a recovery pace run).

I ran out on Kishon to the end, back and up Yarkon, out to Road 10 and out to the end of 10 by the junction with 375, back and finished the circuit of RBS, concluding at 12.3km.

It was such a pleasant evening that I saw lots of people taking advantage of it and getting some exercise outdoors. There were runners, walkers, people walking dogs, older people, middle aged, teenagers, husbands and wives, friends all out burning some Shabbos calories (if such a thing exists - dont we say that it doesnt count on Shabbos...).

An interesting incident, as I was running down towards Road 10, I was stopped by 2 young men running in the other direction. They wanted to warn me that they had just seen a group of about 20 Arabs down the road heading out into the field towards the area below RBS's Nehar HaYarden. They wanted to ensure I had a cellphone on me so I could call someone if I ran into trouble, and if not (I did not and told them so), to at least warn me to either turn around or be careful.

I chose to continue running - if we canceled our plans in fear every time we see an Arab, we would not get anything done. We are in a country that has Arabs, and we must figure out how to live our lives productively and not in fear. Yes, one should always be careful and wary of dangerous surroundings, but there was not anything specific in their warning that made me think I must turn around as danger is imminent.

And anyway, I figured that even if they jumped out at me and chased me to stab me, I could probably outrun them.


Running Bubby said...

do I even need to comment on this...?

Rafi G. said...

if you have a specific point you wish to get across, then yes. I am not good at taking hints. I prefer bluntness.