Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beautiful 10km Run, Seeing An Old Partner

With the forecast predicting two days of rain starting tomorrow, I considered taking advantage of a beautiful, albeit windy, day and running today, even though I ran last night. When one of my running partners sent me a message saying he'd like to go out for a run, I jumped at the bit and joined him.

A 7 - 9 km run turned into a 10.5km run. We decided we have run the standard "to the satellites and back" run too many times and needed a change. So, we ran around RBS and then down and up Tzeelim. It was a great run, with a tough uphill by the end (Tzeelim).

During the run we saw my first running partner ever also out on a run. At the time I was just starting out and was just about at the 10km distance. I went on a couple of group runs and those first group runs I ran with this partner, just because of our similar paces. This runner taught me a lot about starting running and how to gauge my abilities, and mostly gave me my early lesson in respecting every runner and their abilities and challenges, and not thinking you should run better than anyone specifically.

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