Friday, February 11, 2011

Runnign 30km in wet weather

We planned to run 30km today, but it was going to be dependent on the weather. We have finally been having a rainy stretch, and the forecasts had more rain predicted for early morning today. So I met my running buddies at 5:35 AM to head out to run, and sure enough a nice and steady rain was coming down - not hard, not a downpour, but nice and steady. We decided running 30km in that would just get us sick, so we canceled.

The rain stopped shortly after, and the sky was clearing, so it looked promising. After the morning prayers we decided to try again. We ran out from RBS to Roglit-Neve Michael. The gate to the fields was locked so we had to climb over the fence. We ran through the vineyards, including the crazy 2km uphill, and all the way out through Givat Yeshayahu.

Overall we ran a nice pace, but we did not push ourselves too hard. Between the uphills, and the weather, we didn't overdo it. And we took generous water stops.

From there we dumped out on the 38 and it was starting to rain very lightly. We decided to head back rather than extend the run in the middle, and ran out to Elah Junction, where we stopped for a bathroom break at the gas station and to buy some drinks.

The next part is the hard part of the run, with the next 5km being a long uphill angle of highway.

By the time we were halfway across Road 10 towards RBS, the rain started coming down seriously. Running in the rain was not so bad, but the rain wasn't such a heavy rain either.

I got down to the bottom and hit 29km. I decided to extend it to hit 30. I ran past the shopping center, and then back to my house, pulling in right as my watch registered 30km.

All in all a great run, mostly "dryish".

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