Sunday, January 30, 2011

To Bet Shemesh And Back

I had a meeting last night in bet Shemesh, and decided I would turn it into, weather permitting, my Saturday night run. I would run to the meeting, meet, then run back to RBS.

No problem. The distance expected was 5.5km or so in each direction. The way there would be a breeze, with the run being mostly downhill, as RBS sits higher than BS. The way back would be difficult, as the uphill climb would be pretty serious.

I started out at 9 PM and ran to Bet Shemesh. As expected the way there was a breeze. Unfortunately, it was shorter than expected, and only came to just under 4.5km. I got to the meeting point, had a drink and shortly after everyone else came and we met.

When done, it took longer than expected, I headed back. The way back was difficult, but not as bad as I had expected. Maybe my recent increase in hill work is paying off.

The run was going to conclude at about 8.6km. I considered adding to the run a bit, to bump it up to 10km, but it was already late and I wanted to get home, so I left it at that...

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