Sunday, January 16, 2011

14 watchless kilometers

Today I went out for my first run since the marathon. I had been itching to go out. I had a hard time scheduling a run last week because of a busy schedule combined with very cold nights. So this morning I went out with three other runners, for an easy paced 12km or so run.

It felt good getting out on the road again. I felt strong. It was nice because the weather was good, cool and overcast. There were other runners out as well.

I ended up running about 14km. When I stopped to wait to meet my running partners before heading out to the highway, I turned my watch off. When we met up and started running, I forgot to start the clock. So I ran without tracking it, but the distance was about 14km, and the pace was about, based on the other guys watches would be about 5:20 average or so. That was close to marathon pace, and not the slow and easy pace we had planned. Though in reality, when running 12 or 14km that is a pretty good pace for us. It is only tough when running that pace for 42km!

Makes me wonder though, if I run with no watch, does it count?

Jerusalem here I come!

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Running Bubby said...

Nope, no watch - doesn't count! LOL!!