Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Friday Hill Run, Great Running Week

This past week was a great running week, and Friday was a great run. The weather all week long was beautiful and perfect for running, and Friday was the same.

I met up with a running buddy I used to run with a lot, but have not run with him at all in the past few months. We went out to Tzomet Ha'Ela to begin our run and ran out to the entrance to Mitzpe Massua. From there, there is a small access road that goes in and through Park Brittania. This was a great section, as it incorporated some reasonably serious hill running along with some flat running.

The path took us to the main entrance of Park Brittania, dumping us out on the 383. We run out on the 383 until we came to the path through the fields across from the moshav Sedot Micha. We ran on the parth through the fields, and then hooked onto a trail that would take us through the moshavim in the area.

Yes, that's right. Despite running in Vibram FiveFingers, I ran a trail. The trail was pretty good - it was a packed dirt trail, that was strewn with rocks, but it was not a rocky trail. I was able to run on it finding enough space with no rocks. Yes, I took a risk going into it, but it all came out good.

That path then led us up through a moshav called Ajur. I had never been in this moshav before, and it was really nice and pastoral on the top of a hill. Everyone there seems to have dogs hat barked as we ran by their houses.

After running through Ajur, we connected onto highway 353 which would eventually take us down to the 38, and then back to Tzomet Ha'Ela. The 353 was a pretty good run, with uphills and downhill, and not much flat land. It took us past the southern entrance of Park Brittania, along with passing the moshav of Srigim-Li On.

We finished the run at about 18km, in 1:54 at a nice and easy pace.

A great Friday run brought me for the week to 44km, with runs of 14, 12 and 18 kilometers.

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