Friday, November 10, 2017

no run

I did not run today.

I have noticed a certain pain over the past week. I decided it is a groin muscle pull. As fun as that sounds, the pain is not so much fun, though it isnt horrible, and I am able to run with it. I was considering finishing the week, especially because the Friday long run was scheduled for just 24km, and then maybe rest it next week.

Last night we went out late to my son's remote army outpost to visit him and bring him some food. We got home very late and I was very tired. I had a hard time getting up this morning early enough to run. I decided I would begin my groin pull rest today already. I could easily find time at some point today to get my run in, but I think anyway it is smart to rest the groin muscle and take advantage of a tired day..

I would add that "grin muscle pull" is all by self-diagnosis, so I dont really know if that is what it is or not. It was either that or a brain tumor based on the google results :-)