Friday, November 3, 2017

36 makes 82

Training Week #9 concluded with a 36km run this morning, bringing my week's total kilometers of running to 82km.

The run was local. The group was doing 2 Bet Shemesh loops but I did not want to do that. At 3:30am I headed out and ran out to Tzomet HaElah junction and back. On the way back in I ran through the new MIshkafayim neighborhood before heading up the hill. At the top I detoured on Hayarden for a couple of kilometers, then headed down to Kishon to finish 36 with 2 cycles on Kishon.

It was a bit tough this morning, but I took it easy and all was good. It is really getting chilly before the sun comes up. Soon I might need to start wearing long sleeves on these early morning runs..