Friday, April 21, 2017

hitting the distance

Today's run was great, and difficult.

I went out a bit earlier than recent runs due to a forecast of extreme heat. The weather started off great but eventually got hot and dry. I was expecting something in the range of about 16km, with the hope of extending it just a bit beyond that.

As I approached the 13km mark I decided I would go for 17km, so I adjusted my route. I miscalculated and finished with a 20km run, the last 3-4 of which were very difficult - it felt very dry and hot and was a bit of a struggle. And the pace was at about my current average pace, despite the longer distance...

Hitting 20km is a big marker. I said I was going to start increasing my distances after Pesach, and this is a good start. I need to repeat it a few times and run the same distances stronger and better, and then keep going...

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