Friday, April 28, 2017

another awesome long run

I had an awesome run and calculated it perfectly.

I went out planning for an 18km run. I figured last weeks 20km run was tough at the end and I really need to solidify my base abilities, so running the low end of that range would be good. As well, this would be my fifth run of the week, so no real need for extra long distance. 18km seemed right to me.

I went out early and had an enjoyable run. I calculated each section and how far out in it I would need and my calculations came out perfect. I actually hit the 18km mark just around the corner from my house. I had to go to the medical clinic for my weekly weigh-in, so I rn another 200 meters or so, and then running home would be it. But I decided that if I can tell myself 18, I can be my own master and decide to run another kilometer and show my body who is in charge. So, after my weigh-in I did another bit and finished at 19.4km.

My only worry is that whenever I needed to stop I felt some pain in my right knee. I would start running and it would go away, but then I would feel it again when I stopped. I have to make sure that is nothing serious - it feels like it isn't, just have to make sure.

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