Friday, March 17, 2017

Kol Hakavod Team Lemaan Achai!

I did NOT run any race in the Jerusalem Marathon, but I captained Team Lemaan Achai from the sidelines with 37 runners, many of them first-timers, and they raised a phenomenal amount of money! So far, this is the third year Team Lemaan Achai has had a team, the number of runners and the amount of money raised, has increased significantly each year! I am very proud of all the runners and happy to have been a part of this project.
[part of] Team Lemaan Achai at pre-race pasta and sushi dinner

As to myself, I ran a paltry 7.5km run this morning. Good run, nothing special - no intervals, no workouts. Body was a bit tired from yesterdays long run with intervals.

I just completed my round of the Insanity workout, so as of next week my legs should be doing much better overall.

As to my running app situation, I went out and tried to turn on Strava but couldn't find it. Turns out when I tried to install it yesterday it failed. Good thing I had installed 2 other apps as well to try, so I ran with Runkeeper today and it seemed to work pretty well. I like the stats it keeps, though I noticed that for the same, more or less, distance, and speed, I burned less calories with Runkeeper than what I have been burning with Endomondo. Maybe I should switch back to Endomondo 😊 I am going to try Strava and Runtatic in upcomnig runs and see how they compare.

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