Thursday, March 16, 2017

10km in under an hour!

I decided it is time to start improving my running performance and not just continue going for relatively easy jogs.To that end, I decided that my long run, which would be today instead of Friday (due to possible scheduling problems tomorrow) would include some sort of interval work.

Since I no longer have a GPS watch, tracking my speed during the run is relatively difficult. Using Endomondo just lets me know at the end of each kilometer my overall speed. So, I ran intervals, but I did so informally. I would run normal speed (i.e. slow) for a minute or two and then run fast for a couple of minutes, and so on and so forth. As the KM were going on, I noticed my overall speed was much fast than what it has been, and I was still feeling great.

Unfortunately Endomondo crashed in the middle so I do not know my exact speed or distance. My estimated distance was somewhere between 14.5km and 15km. Endomondo crashed at 10.25km and I only noticed it much later... My speed for the first time in ages, though I have come close before, logged me 10km in under 1 hour - at the 59:36 mark Endomondo told me I had hit 10km!

This is the third time (that I can remember) in recent months that Endomondo crashed on me, so I think it is time to look for a different app. recommendations are welcome. If I go back to running races one day, maybe I'll buy myself a new GPS watch.


amiracle said...

Well done, you should give STRAVA a try

Rafi G. said...

thanks. I'll check it out