Thursday, March 23, 2017


got a wonderful 10km run in today. It was so important and necessary. I felt my mind exploding, and going out for a run really lets me get back in sync.

Today I ran with Runtastic. Not bad. I liked the screen and info it gives, and it looks like the premium paid content has some nice features that are missing form the free version. Using the free version, it notified me after each of the first two kilometers as to my distance and pace and even calories burned, but then it went silent. I would assume that the paid version gives notifications at all times. Auto-pause is less important, but I see it in the options for people who pay. The stats at the end, beyond the basic initial stats offered, were a bit confusing and overwhelming.

So far, Endomondo is still the best, if not for the fact that it has been crashing on me. It is especially the best because I still burn the most calories per km using Endomondo! Of the others, Runkeeper seems to be in the lead.

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