Friday, July 1, 2011

Saw Deer On Today's 15km Run

Just because I don't write (here), does not mean I am not running.

I ran four times this week, Saturday night, Tuesday Morning, Wednesday morning, and Friday morning, but am only posting here now.

The Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday runs were about 8-9km each, and today's run was about 15km, though I have not worn my Garmin GPS watch all week, so these are estimates. That makes this week's running total to be in the range of about 41km.

Today's run was the toughest. I have been feeling very strong recently, and despite running with no watch I have felt that my ace and running strength has been improving recently. Maybe it is my imagination, since I am not wearing a watch, but my most recent runs have been at hard paces and i felt strong on them.

Today though was a killer. the first half out was great. We ran hard, maybe too hard, and went out about 7.5 km to just a couple hundred meters past the Aderet Intersection on Highway 375.

Then we turned around, but when we got to Tzomet Etziyona we turned in and took a trail back to Road 10. the trail through the fields was nice, and it was my first time on this trail. We saw some deer running a bout 150 meters way from us in the field. There was no way we were going to catch up with them! The prancing deer were far nicer than the dead snake and dead hedgehog we saw the other day...

The road run from tzomet Etziyona back to Road 10 is a slight downhill making it a great stretch for a tempo pace, but this trail took us mostly, until near the end of it, on an uphill incline, making it unexpectedly difficult.

My Vibram FiveFinger Bikila are still holding up nicely, but with all this added trail running (not really a lot, but more than usual), they are probably starting to wear down faster than expected. it might be time to prepare new ones soon.

Today's run was a nice mix of road running, trail running, flat and hill running, and seeing the deer prancing ahead of us was an added bonus!

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