Monday, July 11, 2011

A Hot 9KM Run

Had a fabulous 9km run this morning. Despite the heat, we decided to go for a run. It is going to be hot the rest of the summer, so either we run at 11pm, 4am, or we buckle up and run in the heat.

We met and ran about 9km, around RBS, then down Nahal Ein Gedi and up the path through the fields across RBS to the top of Yarqon, then we split and I ran the last 1.4km home.

The only animals we saw today were when we passed the flock of about 150 or so sheep grazing in the field. There was also some scurrying in the brush at times, but we had no idea what animals were there.

It was hot, but not as bad as yesterday. It was bearably hot this morning.

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