Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running Early, Running Often

The week has been pretty decent for running. It has been pretty hot, and I have so far been successful in scheduling my runs not in the heat, as I usually end up doing. Saturday night, and then early Monday and early Wednesday mornings when it was still cool.

Monday my running partner overslept, so I ended up running myself. i was a bit pressed for time, so I did a siple loop around RBS, about 5km. I ran it at a recovery pace, taking it easy - something I have not done in a while.

Wednesday I met up with my running partner and we ran an extended loop around RBS. What has become our extended loop is a circuit around RBS. When coming down Kishon, we turn on to Ein Gedi and run down to the end. We cross Tzeelim and enter the path through the fields. This path takes us up along HaYarqon to the top.

At the top we split ways and I run back down the hill towards my house. The total extended loop for me is about an estimated 8.5km.

I am feeling great and running great. The only problem is the distance. I am not running any significant distance runs. I guess that will have to wait until marathon training season begins in September.

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