Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Damsel In Distress

This morning's run was really a killer. With the hot weather in full force, we got started a bit after 8:30. Truth is when we started the weather was still reasonable. It was hot, but not bad, a slight breeze, the sun was not strong, and it was mostly pleasant.

We had a good run out to the end of Road 10, and then after a few moments of a break to cool down, we continued out on the 375 to Eziyona Junction. By then it was already getting hot enough to start becoming uncomfortable. We stopped at Eziyoina and sat in the shade for a bit to cool down.

After a short break we turned and headed back to RBS. A few minutes in we came across a damsel in distress -  a woman was biking and her chain got all tangled and knotted up. She was on the side of the road stuck. We stopped to try to help, but after 15 minutes or so of wrestling with the chain unsuccessfully, we could only give up. She called her husband who was now on his way to pick her up, so we continued on our run.

By now it was getting REALLY hot, and the stretch back on the 10 and then up the hill to RBS was very difficult. I finished the run today feeling completely drained, and drenched all the way through with sweat.

I felt bad for her, as she headed out looking for a good morning workout - in the end her morning was now killed, she didnt get her workout, and the whole morning would probably end up wasted as she would have to take the bike in to get the chain fixed and whatnot. That can really kill a persons day.

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