Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Start of A Great Running Week

As far as running is concerned, this week is so far so good.

After running 8.5 km last night, I was thinking about running perhaps 11-12km tonight. When my buddy called this morning wanting to take advantage of the unusually cool morning, i could not resist.

We went out for a run around RBS, with me finishing at 8.7km. We ran around RBS, turning down at Ramat Shiloh, by Ein Gedi street. We ran down to the end, then crossed Tzeelim. We ran along the path in the fields that is adjacent, almost parallel, to Yarqon street.

After a short break at the top, to catch our breaths and have a short chat, we split up each running home in opposite directions. It was already warmer than expected, but there was still a decently nice breeze. It was nice to take advantage of cool weather, run with a partner, and get off to the start of what will likely be a great running week.

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