Friday, June 17, 2011

Runner's Guide To Israel: President's Forest

Run #7, and the final run, of Running week, was a 14km run in President's Forest. I did this run with the Bet Shemesh Running Club as part of a group run on the summer Friday morning Trail Run series.

President's Forest

beautiful view from President's Forest trail
President's Forest is a trail through a KKL (JNF) forest, just utside of Bet Shemesh, planted in memory of Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann. The forest is part of the Tzora Forest, and at it's highest point it reaches an altitude of 401 meters above sea level. There are spectacular views all over the forest, and at different points one can see views of the coastal plains, the Judean Plains and The Judean Hills.

Alongside part of the trail is Derech HaPsalim - Sculpture Road. There are statues created by artists, emphasizing the history and the landscape of the area, including pieces such as the one depicting Shimshon (Samson of "Samson and Delila").

There are also caves, tombs, cisterns, and winepresses throughout the forest.

same beautiful view from President's Forest trail
but with the runners of the BS Running Club
The trail is about 3km out and then about 8 km of a circuit trail, and then 3km back. The trail is a tough run with up and downs the whole way, and I must say it sure felt like they were mostly ups.

At about 7km we stopped to take in the view. At that point the view is absolutely stunning. I usually don't take my phone out on runs, but I did today, and took advantage and snapped a few photos of the amazing view.

another beautiful view from president's Forest

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