Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3rd day of Running in a row

Tonight for a change of pace, we, me and my running buddy, decided we would run with the group at the group run through the Bet Shemesh Merkaz for an 11km run. Things did not work out as planned, and we had to come up with other plans for a slightly later start.

We decided to run in Bet Shemesh anyway, as it was an opportunity for different scenery, and we came up with an alternate route. We ran from RBS down to Bet Shemesh. We ran around behind the Kirya Haredit toward Migdal HaMayim. We crossed Migdal Hamayim along the upper road of houses, and then swung back around through the main Migdal HaMayim strip of shops and then back to RBS.

The weather was cool and pleasant, and the run was a very hilly 12km.

For me that is 3 days in a row of running, so far totaling for the week 29km. My legs are feeling tired, so I might take tomorrow off, or maybe I will just do a short run tomorrow evening.

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