Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Run In 2 Weeks Was Great!

I have not gone out running in 2 weeks. I have not run consistently, on any sort of regular schedule, since the Tel Aviv Marathon at the beginning of April. And I am starting to feel the results. I am starting to feel heavy and sluggish, overweight and lethargic. It is tough running when you have no specific goals to train for.

I am trying to get back into it, and I want to start training hard again. the heat is going to make it very difficult, and most running will have to be either very early morning or late at night.

Tonight I went out for a 8.5km run around RBS. I did not want to take my GPS watch with me, as I wanted to enjoy the run and not worry about time, but having not run for 2 weeks I wanted to keep an eye on my pace. Right when I turned on th watch, I saw it was about to die, so there was no point in taking it along. So I ran with no watch, which is always the best.

I started out running across Kishon. When I run by myself I like to start off with running across Kishon and back, as it gives me a good 3km flat start. Then I ran around RBS, making it about 8.5km, at I have no idea what pace.

I was very satisfied with the run, and it was a beautiful night with a cool breeze. Lot of runners and walkers out. Hopefully I will find time tomorrow to go out again. I need to start building up my running again, getting my muscles fit, and dropping some weight.

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