Friday, June 17, 2011

Run 6 Of The Running Week

Run 6 of Running Week started off at just before 6 PM under th still-hot-but-starting-to-cool sun. We met up and ran out to Tzomet Etzion, the intersection on Highway 375 right before the satellites. We ran there and back, totaling for me 9.5km

Run #6 of Running Week brought me to about 52km on the week.

I have been asked why I am doing this, running so much. Am I training for something?

The answer is no. I am not training for anything specific. Since the Tel Aviv Marathon in April I have hardly run, and not on any regular schedule. In the two months since, I have only gone to run a handful of times. I was starting to feel like I gained a lot of weight, I was feeling heavy and lethargic. I was feeling like i was starting to go to mush. It was time to start getting back to training. I actually only planned to run "a lot". I was thinking along the lines of 4 or 5 runs for the week.

Then I started running. And I felt great. Yeah, my legs were feeling tired from being a little out of shape. At a certain point I was starting to feel worn out. Yet overall I was starting to feel great again. My energy levels were up and overall I was feeling great. After the first 3 runs, I decided I was going to try to run every day this week.
And so far so good.


vofstein said...

not tzomet aviezer .... tzomet etzion.


Rafi G. said...

oops. thanks. fixed.