Monday, May 2, 2011

Bum Knee and New Male Model Career

I have not run this week yet. After Friday's 10.5km run I went and played basketball. It was the first time I played since 5 or 6 weeks before the Tiberias Marathon in January.

Even though I have played basketball nearly every Friday for many years with this group, as it gets closer to the marathon it is difficult to play, mainly for two reasons:

  1. fear of getting injured, like twisting an ankle or jamming my knee, and being unable to run and train for the marathon, or possibly even needing to drop out of the marathon completely.
  2. timing. Friday is our main day for long runs, as that is the day most people don't work. It is usually not possible to do a long run and get back in time for basketball, and usually after a long run I am too sore for basketball.
So this Friday was my first time playing in my old regular game in a long time. And of course I hurt my knee. It is mostly better now, but after the game it was swollen to about 3 times its size and I could not put any pressure on it. Now I can put most of my regular pressure on it and there is very little pain. Another day or two and it should be fine, unless I injure it at my softball game tomorrow night.

And in other news, Gillette, the main sponsor of the recent Tel Aviv Marathon, has asked me for my permission to allow them to use my image in the promotionals. I gave them permission and they sent me the picture they will be using. I think it is a pretty good shot of me crossing the finish line:
Look at that wing-span!
My new male model career is being launched

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